Self Determination and Self Expression in Oaxaca

Short Films

6:30 PM to 6:00 PM

MEChA de Evergreen y CISPES are hosting Simon Sedillo, a community based human rights film-maker whose work has entered on placing skills cameras and editing equipment in the hands of communities in resistance so that they may be able to document their own histories and human rights situation. He has spent the last 6 years documenting and teaching community based video documentation in indigenous communities in Oaxaca in immigrant communities in the US and with youth of color across the US.

Simon is currently on tour screening short film segments from Oaxaca and presenting workshops on the following topics:

-militarism and paramilitarism
-commodification of sustainability and resistance
-MesoAmerican Indigenous Principles of Unity and Resistance
-Challenging International Solidarity: Alternative Media Human Rights and Self-determination
-fight for community rights
-Bringing it home: the effects of the neoliberal political economy on immi=
grant communities and communities of color in the US
The Evergreen State College
Lecture Hall 1