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Certified Spanish Language Instruction, Interpretation, and Translation
P.O. Box 792
Olympia WA 98507
(360) 359-3751

Lengua Rica has served Washington's South Puget Sound region and beyond with Spanish language instruction, interpretation and translation services since 1997. We offer certified Spanish language instruction, translation, and interpretation. Beyond that, we also want to help you connect with events, organizations,and resources (in the South Sound and beyond) that relate to the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures.


We believe that communication and intercultural understanding are of the utmost importance. They are key to fomenting mutually respectful human relations throughout the world. Our mission is to help people communicate with each other, help them increase their intercultural knowledge, and help them empower themselves and others. We also hope to help others inform themselves of the myriad ways and resources they have at their disposal to meet these goals. Connecting people with others who share their linguistic and cultural interests is integral to this mission.

Lengua Rica

Enseñar es enseñar a pensar. Mandar recitar de memoria lo que no se entiende, es hacer papagayos... Enseñen a los niños a ser preguntones, para que, pidiendo el porqué; de lo que se les manda hacer, se acostumbren a obedecer a la razón: no a la autoridad, como los limitados, ni a la costumbre, como los estúpidos.

(To teach is to teach to think. To assign things to be recited from memory is to train parrots.... Teach the children to ask a lot of questions, so that, asking for the Why behind what you tell them to do, they become accustomed to obeying Reason: not authority, like the limited, nor custom, like the foolish.)

-- don Simon Rodríguez, "El Loco" 1774-1854

We learn through experience and experiencing.... This is as true for the infant moving from kicking to crawling to walking as it is for the scientist with equations. If the environment permits it, anyone can learn whatever he or she chooses to learn; and if the individual permits it, the environment will teach everything it has to teach. "Talent" or "lack of talent" have little to do with it.

-- Viola Spolin, Improvisation for the Theater
Lengua Rica

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